Catch Basin Cleaners

A Better Way To Do The Job

Stetco Buckets

From municipalities in hot climates to cities throughout the Snow Belt, Stetco catch basin cleaners (CBCs) are worldwide basis for a variety of applications, including drainage infrastructure maintenance, lift stations, water treatment plant grit chambers, pump stations, and more.

Stetco is an excellent stand-alone product and the perfect complement to vacuum systems. As a stand-alone, Stetco offers specific advantages that vacuum systems can’t match, including:

  • Cost-effective way to meet EPA Phase II stormwater mandates.
  • Fast setup — just park the truck and swing the boom over the hole.
  • Fast debris removal — Stetco buckets make serious volume removal a snap.
  • Fewer trips to the dump — Stetco buckets squeeze out liquids as they close, allowing the removal of debris without large quantities of liquids.
  • Ability to lift and load debris without adding water.
  • Easy removal of heavy, unwieldy material that would slow down, clog, or damage vacuum trucks.
  • Ability to work in frozen and snowy conditions.
  • Less maintenance and labor than vacuum systems.
  • Optimal high-pressure JetPac system to clean laterals.


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