Customer Testimonials

Please see below for some interesting things our customers had to say about their Stetco Catch Basin Cleaners!


How do you like your Stetco units?

“Fantastic! It’s the most useful machine I ever bought.”


How and when do you use your Stetco units?

“We use the three to four Stetcos units we have every day to perform routine cleaning. We must, by contract, clean 9000 basins per year. We also use our Stecos for cleaning culverts from bridges; sometimes we get 11-12 truckloads from one culvert. We move logs and everything with the Stetco.”


What are some other uses you have discovered for your Stetco unit?

“Retrieving lost car keys.”


What are some unusual stories or special tasks you have performed with your Stetco units?

“We pulled a kitchen sink out of a drainage culvert.”


Would you recommend Stetco units to other municipalities?

“I would highly recommend them. If you ever need a recommendation, tell them to call me.”


“Absolutely! You can send anyone here who wants to see a Stetco in operation.”


What would happen if you didn’t have Stetco units in your fleet?

“There is no way we could perform our contractual duty to clean 9000 basins per year”.


What would you tell a municipal official considering Stetco CBC units for their town / city?

 “I don’t see how I could survive without it. As long as I’m here there will be a Stetco unit. Smaller towns pressed for money should strongly consider a Stetco.”


“If you are looking for versatility and value, this is a good option.”


“For the cost, it more than pays for itself, even if used infrequently. It’s a very versatile and helpful extra tool for certain situations.”


“Don’t hesitate – it’s the right tool for the job.”


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